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Magnum Reels welding cable reel for stinger and ground leads. This reel is suitable for 1 high current conductor. The reel is always live for current while spinning or stationary. The reel is fully insulated from live current. Anodized aluminum and stainless bearings.

Jesse James


We were lucky enough to be selected by Jesse James himself to use our reels on his SEMA rig. Read more about it on our blog.

Check the video here: Jesse James runs Magnum Reels.


Odibuilt Builds his Custom Rig

We love it when a plan comes together with our products. Check out this amazing build by @odiBUILT

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The Machining Process

Revealing some of the behind the scene footage of the machining processes    Here we have the mounting base of the reel which houses the main shaft...

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