Magnum Reels was established in 2013 by a welder. He recruited his 2 brothers, a machinist and an accountant to join him in his pursuit of producing the highest caliber welding tools in the world. 

The shareholders, from Right to Left: Nick the welder, Jon the machinist, Mark the father and wise council and Mike, the guy you'll probably talk to on the phone if you call.

Magnum Reels offers a unique quality design of reels to support your business.  We construct every reel with the highest quality precision CNC machine tools. All our reels are fully sealed and designed to function in extreme conditions. Our reels are  constructed, machined and assembled from only North American made raw materials.

Not only will your have the best performing rig on site, but also the best looking. 

Magnum Reels - built to last the life of your rig

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