Magnum Reels

4 Wire Remote Reel

$1,099.00 USD

The 4-wire electric extension and remote reel offer the best in business connectivity.

The 4-wire reel uses a wind turbine potted rotary unit with Teflon 14 gauge wiring in a completely weather-sealed unit.  The Contacts are maintenance-free!  That means no more lousy connection days for you. The 4-wire reel does not include a lead to the welder. The end cap is removed, and then the rotary is removed (friction fit). There is a colour-coded harness to attach your wires to. To connect your spool lead, slide out the rotary from the center of the shaft, feed your cable in through the shaft and connect the colour-coded wires.

*Continuous electric connections in both winding and unwinding

*Easy wire hook-up

Each Magnum reel offers a smooth wrap onto the shaft with strain/tension relief, ensuring the protection and longevity of your hoses.  The end cap can be easily adjusted in 30-degree intervals, giving you the freedom to customize your mounting needs.  This means you can position the feed at any angle that suits your setup, all while avoiding kinks. 

Each reel is built to last. It is fully sealed, with the bearings and rotary parts residing inside a sealed housing. Each bearing is rated to over 6,500lbs dynamic load and is filled with a low friction grease, ensuring its performance in extreme conditions. We use a heavy-duty lip seal to seal the shaft to the base and o-rings to seal the other components, keeping grinder dust and other elements out of your reels.  This design makes our reels cold and hot weather safe, instilling confidence in their reliability.

The finish on the parts is hard anodizing, which increases surface hardness by ~ 4x. The anodizing prevents the galvanic corrosion naturally occurring when aluminum and stainless meet; we also apply a silver never-seize during assembly.  All of the aluminum used in the construction of the reels is 6061-T6 and is North American aluminum.

Pipeline welders designed our reels and can withstand the harshest conditions, tried and tested; one of the reasons we have custom-created a twin-bearing easy grip handle to make the last job of the day a little easier. 

Interchangeable end plates



200' of 4-12



150' of 4-12 



100' of 4-12 



Mounting Instructions:


To connect your cable spool to the reel, remove the 5 fasteners on the shaft and the 5 on the end cap (optional 6th). Slide the rotary connector out of the shaft; there is room to gently pull/pry it out once the end cap is removed. Feed your spool wire through the second shaft and through the cable gland through the main shaft and out. Connect these wires to the non-spinning side of the rotary color-coded wires using the desired method (we recommend solder and heat shrink with glue). Slide the rotary back into the main shaft and then reassemble. Pull cable through the second shaft assembly. Slide the second shaft assembly onto the main shaft and align it with hash marks. Re-install the 5 fasteners and begin to wrap the cable up to the strain relief. You are ready to go if you have connected the reel to your machine.

To connect the reel to your machine, with the end cap of the reel off, feed the cable through the end cap and cable gland. Connect the cable to color-coded wires and re-install the end cap with the cable gland facing the desired orientation. Tighten down the cable gland; soap on the cable jacket makes it easier to slide the grommet. 



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