Mounting Instructions:
To mount your Magnum Reel refer to the dimensions and mounting drawing below:

A: This is the mounting surface of the reel. A suitable substrate capable of holding the weight of the reel (25 lbs) plus the weight of your cable/hose should be used i.e. 0.5” plate or 2x2 square tube. The mount utilizes 2 x ½ bolts (thread depth into the reel should be 0.5”) bolt length will be 0.5” plus the thickness of your mount.

B: This is the diameter of the reel. Small plates are 10.2” and large plates are 13.7”

C1: Full width of the reel with handle on. Note this is for all reels except welding reel. The exit can be clocked in 15° intervals to orientate the end cap depending on your mounting needs.

C2: Full width of the welding reel, please add 0.5” for clearance of your cable going to power source.

Mounting Reel Image