Mounting Instructions:

For a drill hole mounting template, please follow the link and print the image to scale.  

Download Mounting Instructions

If you are designing or modeling a deck or skid unit for your rig you can follow this link to download .step files of our reels to incorporate into your design.


Prior to mounting the reel you may wish to fill the pre-grease cavity with an EP0 grease or even a liquid lube in extreme cold. 

The reel is mounted with 2 x 1/2" bolts that have a usable thread depth of 7/8" into the reel. Many owners choose to tac weld the bolts to their mount once they are tightened. It is advised to use a small dab of silver anti seize on threads prior to assembly and if taking things apart. Too much anti-seize is not good either. One of the benefits to anodizing is that the majority of the threads are also anodized offering superior protection

The end caps of the reels can be rotated to accommodate your mounting needs as seen below in the video. 




To mount your Magnum Reel refer to the dimensions and mounting drawing below:

A: This is the mounting surface of the reel. A suitable substrate capable of holding the weight of the reel (25 lbs) plus the weight of your cable/hose should be used i.e. 0.5” plate or 2x2 square tube. The mount utilizes 2 x ½ bolts (thread depth into the reel should be 0.5”) bolt length will be 0.5” plus the thickness of your mount.

B: This is the diameter of the reel. Small plates are 10.2” and large plates are 13.7”

C1: Full width of the reel with handle on. Note this is for all reels except welding reel. The exit can be clocked in 15° intervals to orientate the end cap depending on your mounting needs.

C2: Full width of the welding reel, please add 0.5” for clearance of your cable going to power source.

Mounting Reel Image