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Welding Cable Reel - Stinger/Ground Lead

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The revolutionary Magnum welding reel for your stinger/ground cables.  Keeping your connection with your welder is our main priority.  Our Cable reels offer the lowest resistance in the market with less than 2 m/ohms at 500 amps and are constantly live and fully insulated with high temperature Teflon insulators. These reels will take anything you throw at them.

The reel is fully sealed. The bearings and rotary parts reside inside a sealed housing. The bearings, each rated to over 6,500lbs dynamic load and filled with a wide temperature low friction grease reside inside this housing. We use a heavy duty lip seal to seal the shaft to the base and O-rings to seal the other components including the lock dowel, this keeps that grinder dust and other elements out of your reels!  These features makes them cold and hot weather safe and keeps them running in all sorts of extreme conditions.

The finish on the parts is hard anodizing which increases surface hardness by ~ 4x and is applied in a controlled thickness which means we can coat everything, even the threaded holes. This prevents the galvanic corrosion that naturally occurs when aluminum and stainless meet.  All aluminum used in the construction of the reels is billet 6061-T6 and is North American aluminum.

Our reels are designed built by Rig welders and can withstand the harshest conditions, tried and tested.  This is also one of the reasons we have custom created a twin bearing easy grip handle to make the last job of the day a little easier. 

How much cable fits on the welding reel?

The reel comes in 2 different sizes of end plates: 

The 10.2" end plate which holds 80' of 2/0 of cable with the cable lock installed and 110' if you choose not to use locks.   

The 13.7" end plates hold  up to 150' of 2/0 cable with locking mechanism installed.

Wondering how they mount?  Here is the how-to:

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