Jesse James Runs Magnum Reels

We are just getting around to talking about the adventure we had with Jesse James at the SEMA convention in Vegas. Jesse James is one of the most famous welders in the world who is particularly well know for making custom motorcycles.  His hard working and all round bad ass attitude has captivated hundreds upon thousands of people over the last 20 years.  

So how did it happen:

We began actively engaging with Instagram under our handle @magnumreels in March 2018.  With about 100 followers and random posts made since 2013 we did not have much to do with Instagram.  In March we took on a guy who is well known for building brands on Instagram to help us teach welders who we are why are products are important.  The following and engagement began to grow rapidly.  We actively tagged @popeofwelding (Jesse's account) with our products because we wanted him to take notice of us (given he has arguably the biggest welding account on the gram).  

On July 25th we got a message from him that read:

"Hey there, I'm building a custom welding rig for SEMA and would like to run your reels on it.  let me know if you guys are interested. Thanks Jesse."

As I'm sure you can imagine we were taken back....I mean, we had only just begun our online campaigning and we had attracted Jesse James!  Let's just say we were PUMPED!  

We began speaking with Jesse who, as it turns out, is a super nice and down to earth guy.  He's also extremely private, so we worked with him so everyone was comfortable with the arrangement to provide him with a stinger, ground and oxy/acetylene reel.  

We shipped them off and planned to attend SEMA so we could see our work on display and drum up some interest for our products.  I mean, paying for a SEMA booth is, well, astronomical.  So why not take a freebie with Jesse and Line-x?  

We saddled up and flew down from Vancouver, BC, where we produce the reels,  to Vegas. Finding the booth was easy, Line-x had an absolutely massive display.  Right dead centre was Jesse's custom built Cummins Dodge diesel.  What a sight! 

We met Jessie and the Diesel Brothers shortly after arriving and said some pretty incredible things to us.  The most notable was when he said

"My guys over at the West Coast Customs garage are really impressed by your product, and they are hard guys to please"

Nervously and with tremendous gratitude we accepted the praise.  We always knew we put our best foot forward with our products but to hear it from a legend was something we will never forget.

That is the story of how we met Jesse, next'll have to wait and see, but things are always moving here at Magnum Reels.

till next time....

The boys at Magnum.  

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