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Customer service is our number 1 priority. For this reason, we need to be accessible. We respond to emails very quickly at info@magnumreels.com or you can even email me, one of the owners, directly at Michael@magnumreels.com.  You may also call our toll free number, 1 844-962-4686 and you can speak with us/me on the phone.

Our customers are our brand; we do not rely on expensive advertising to spread the word of our product because we want our brand to speak for itself, through our customers and our vendors. We do this effectively by building robust, long lasting reels backed up with exceptional life-long customer service.

We designed our reels to be built around as many shared parts as possible. We keep our reels in stock in sub-assemblies which keeps our inventory flexible and allows us to build reels tailored to each customer’s needs. It takes me roughly 10 minutes to assemble and box a reel so even though each reel is built to order we can still ship any order within a day or two. This principle also allows us to offer extra things such as custom branding, without a long wait.

Once your order is placed you will be emailed a receipt and a copy of your order will be printed in the assembly room, which will commence the build of your reels. Reels are built same day or next day and are shipped express freight with delivery time in 2- 5 business days from ship day.



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Hey guys can you ship to Australia

Darren Jones November 17, 2020

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