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The story so far:

We set out to design the best quality welding reels in the world.  In order to do that we started by sourcing the highest quality aluminum in North America.  We then used our own machine shop to design and test our products.  We've been going since 2014 and have finally, in 2018, got a product that we are extremely proud of.  We are so proud and confident in what we have created that we have decided to offer limited lifetime warranty.  No other reel company in the world has ever taken that step.

We are rig welders, we have been using reels for a long time, we know when and how they fail.  We set out to remove as many barriers as we possibly could that kept us (and everyone else) from having reels that didn't work/weren't useful or failed after a few years.

The game plan?

1. We set out to make simple reels that all ran on the same premise.  With 90% of the parts of each reel being identical, we wanted to give our customers the ability to change from one reel to another if they so choose.  With simplicity, we believe we made a stronger more reliable reel.  

2. Rig welders are subjected to the harshest of conditions, we needed to ensure our welding reels are completely sealed.  That doesn't just mean a sealed bearing because grinder dust finds it's way into sealed bearings.  So we created a recessed lip seal to protect those bearings.  Doing so allowed us to grind on the back of our trucks with confidence and not worry about dirty, rain or snow.  

3. Bearings. We utilize two main bearings in our reel and each bearing has a dynamic load rating of over 5,500lbs, coupled together this provides a very substantial foundation to mount with confidence and spool up your welding leads, cables and hoses. If you order online, we fill each bearing with a grease formulated for the end users destination and temperature to ensure smooth winding in the harshest of conditions.

4. We anodized and lazer etched, we didn't powder coat....Why?  Because anodizing can take a beating. It won't peel or flake, it actually increases the hardness of the surface.  We figured our brand would be displayed on every truck that used our products.  We are proud and we want our brands to be proudly displayed no matter how harsh the conditions they have been put through. 

5. We realized the cost of welding cable/electric cable/hoses are pretty astronomical.  So we designed a strain relief system that would create a soft bend coming out of our reels coupled with a strain relief clamp. The complete system protects against yanking and pulling stresses which are known to fatigue the welding lead, cable and hose connectors during spooling unspooling or when your fully spooled out and need that extra inch!  

6. We found one of the biggest disadvantages in the market is having end plates that are weak in their design and integration to the reel.  This is a problem for a few reasons.  Mainly, if someone is going to steel your welding cable a light hammer will take off the competitions end plate in one swing. Or the external fasteners can be drilled out easily. With our end plates they are held on by 6 stainless steel fasteners with a tensile strength of 70,000 lbs each and are engineered perfectly with tight tolerances so that the assembly bind if it is struck and will not start to walk off the shaft.  The second issue with weak end plates is that end plates fatigue after time or can begin to walk down the shaft That isn't an issue with our reels, so wind with confidence!

7.  Connection is everything, so we oversized and used the finest quality available.  The bigger the connector, the less the resistance.  We always want to be the last thing to fail.  So we put our reels to work with us in the field.  We can gouge for as long as we want running 500 amps or more with no problems. On a 500 amp load the reel measures .02ohms of resistance. 

8.  Installation.  What we wanted to do was create the opportunity for every welder to install our products in as many configurations as we could create.  So in 30 seconds, any of our reels can be clocked in 30 degree rotations to ensure your gas line, electric line or welding cable can enter the reel at an angle that works best for your rig. 


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