Locks are in!

Today's blog is all about the journey to putting out the toughest, best looking and functional reel locks.  

The locks are inspired by a tank track system that fits well with our Magnum design. Each part of the lock features a full length integrated hinge system. The center rivet keeps the parts from separating when handling the lock. The reel end plates all come pre-loaded with a pre-cut grove/ledge and o-ring inserted into the grove to accept the lock cover and preventing wear.

The design features a flush mount system that prevents thieves from getting leverage under the tank tracks.  Built in line with our careful attention to detail in top quality aluminum (all American Aluminum).  Even if a thief attempts to drill out a rivet the shape of the lock will hold based on the interlocking tank track design.  

Slowing down a thief and visual deterrence are our greatest features as well as providing a clean organized appearance in the process!

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